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Block Identity is positioning itself as the primary identity, privacy and consent platform across all industries. Using open standards and the latest developments from Web3, we are able to transform the way users interact digitally securing their identity.

Our mantra is safety for all and we deliver this through our Block Identity Platform, where the user is control of their identity and privacy. All transactions requesting access to the user’s identity require consent from the user. The user provides clear guidance on the usage of their identity and data thus protecting their privacy.

Block Identity’s use of blockchain, smart contracts, verifiable credentials, watermarking and double encryption techniques ensures that every request for protected data is immutably tracked and only available to its intended recipients.


The identity space already solves the technology issue through W3C open standards. The problem in this space is that it is a poor user experience to be able to use the digital Identities. This has the follow-on impact that organisations do not want to tackle the problem for themselves leading to poor adoption rates. By providing a well thought out client, simple SDK / APIs for organisations, and a clear staged migration path Block Identity will be able to solve this problem.


Privacy of the users identity is provided by ZKP Credential sharing. But how can an Organisation know the history of a user interacting with them without breaching the privacy of the credential. By leveraging the blockchain and smart contracts we can anonymise the credential usage while providing immutability of all credential interactions


The W3C standards only allow for consent of what attributes within a credential will be shared and how they can be used. It is up to the receiver to adhere to the rules laid out. This is problematic for Organisations that need to sight original documents as part of their verification process. Block Identity solves this problem by watermarking for origination, double encrypting and applying strict rules on release of the document. By leveraging short-lived and for-purpose Verifiable Presentations, data theft is significantly reduced and the core signature structure of the presentation ensures full traceability and auditability.

The Block Identity Mission

Providing a privacy focused digital identity as a user controlled, single ledger of truth for all their transactions

Our core expertise lies in self sovereign identity, cryptography, blockchain and managing data in highly regulated industries. Our stack is built upon W3C Open Standards and plugs into world leading identity verification software. All data in transit and at rest is encrypted with owner and organisational keys to ensure no leakage.

Industry Leading Experts

Rob Morrish
Sri Indah Permata
Nick Kumaran

Rahul AR

John Kelaita

Vernon Murdoch
Security Advisor

Shameer Thaha
Strategy Advisor

Jithin VG
Business Advisor

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