A user-controlled, self-sovereign identity platform

Leveraging multi-layered cryptography, blockchain foundations and Web3 standards, Block Identity allows users to securely generate decentralised digital identities and manage their sensitive identity documents, with control over access rights and the ability to provide proof of their identity without handing over their personal information to third party organisations.

We solve problems surrounding:

Our solution is built upon three core pillars of trust


A decentralised, unique digital identity (DID) that leverages verifiable credentials for providing strong cryptographic proof.


Protecting your sensitive information, whilst providing an organisation with risk-reduced verifiable credentials and trust.


Restoring control and ownership of their sensitive documents and personal information to the people.

Consent first model that values user privacy when users need to assert their identity

It’s time to redefine identity verification.

Experience a new level of security and convenience, knowing that your data is handled with the utmost respect and stringent privacy standards, where privacy is not an afterthought, but the core principle.

By leveraging Decentralised Identifiers (DID), an official W3C standard, we offer a secure user-centric solution that protects your personal information, giving you the power to verify ownership of your identity without having to reveal any personal information.


Digital Wallets governing true ownership and control of personal data

Our digital wallets store your sensitive personal information on your own personal device, so that you have complete control over how it is shared, stored and used at all times.

Our Citizen Identity Verification processes (CIV) allows users to transact and share data with organisations through a fully transparent and simple process that allows them to assert their identity whilst enabling granular control over what is being shared and how that data can be used.

eKYC without PII data storage requirements

Block Identity enforces an electronic know-your-customer process (eKYC) for every citizen in the app. This ensures that every citizen on the app has been validated with a government issued document before they are granted access to transact within the system.

This information is only used for verifying the customers to ensure they can access their accounts and for any required validation of identity via a step up authorization. The app prompts the user for facial biometric data in addition to their trusted verifiable credentials.

Organisations can benefit with reduced operational costs and risk by leveraging Block Identity’s fully verified, trusted, expedited onboarding process.

Reduced organisational risk, operational costs and technical overheads

Step into a future where data breaches become obsolete. Our state-of-the-art security technology provides robust protection of personally identifiable information with the use of Verifiable Credentials, effectively mitigating risks associated with traditional data handling practices. Leveraging secure storage mechanisms and network transmission, we ensure your data remains inaccessible to unauthorized individuals, making data breaches a concern of the past. Experience the peace of mind that comes with trusted verification proofs without the traditional regulatory risk and compliance concerns.

Leveraging Web 3+ technologies with Blockchain immutability

Our Decentralised Digital Identity Platform is a revolutionary solution designed with Web 3+ technologies. Our platform enhances the eKYC process, prioritizing privacy and eliminating data breaches by ensuring no user’s personally identifiable information (PII) is known. It reduces operational costs through the automation of verification processes, needing only a single Digital Identity. With secure document storage on a single device, users control their data while defining access permissions for organisations, returning the power of consent to the people. Despite its intuitive design, the platform maintains high security with encryption and is fortified by Blockchain technology for immutability, ushering in a new era of trusted, secure, and convenient digital identity.